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NBC Nightly News: News program? Or “Doc In The Box” on-air advice segment?

1 2/19/2015

Dr. Manny, The Medicine Hunter, and a wild, psychoactive trip on network TV

4 2/16/2015

A new MD-journalist asks, “Is there a role for the physician-journalist?”

16 2/11/2015

Brian Williams isn’t NBC’s only ethical problem; check medical news coverage issues


Pharma payments to network TV physician-journalists – Columbia Journalism Review

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud


Ebola news notes, including ethical questions for CNN

1 6/18/2014

What stands out to me about the Oz Senate testimony

1 12/17/2013

Orac on Oz: fear-mongering over cellphones, bras and cancer


Ethics problem: physician-journalists interview colleagues without disclosing conflict