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1 2/22/2017

Just say no to news stories about ‘post election stress disorder’


American Heart Association’s meal timing guidance isn’t ready for prime time


My top 3 takeaways from the health news stories we reviewed in 2016


WHO exposes deceptive promotion of industry-supported FRAX osteoporosis screening tool

1 9/22/2016

Once again, some news media can’t resist lure of sexy-but-preliminary research

3 9/15/2016

Fact-checking the Trump – Oz health sitdown


Where are the TV ads to “educate” patients about the negative Opdivo lung cancer trial?

4 8/26/2016

How much significance should health news give to statistically nonsignificant results? A case study of stories on skipping breast cancer chemo


21st Century Cures Act nears passage with little news media scrutiny


5-Star Friday! Not a cancer ‘cure,’ a menstrual pain ‘off switch,’ and therapy for ‘text neck’