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No, an asthma drug tested in mice does not bring ‘new hope’ for Alzheimer’s patients, at least not yet

2 3/28/2018

‘Daily ibuprofen can prevent Alzheimer’s disease’ and other unproven claims by Canadian neuroscientist


Retinal imaging detects biomarker for Alzheimer’s: Novel yes, but practical?

1 10/28/2016

Alzheimer’s drug study missed the primary endpoint; PR release touts benefits anyway


News release on biochip blood test for Alzheimer’s risk oversells its practicality for patients


Mayo release touts estrogen patch for reducing Alzheimer’s. But the study looked only at a risk marker.

1 6/22/2016

PR release claiming memory loss reversal in Alzheimer’s disease impaired by study limitations, imprecise language


Nutritional drink to protect memory in ‘early Alzheimer’s’? Release takes us for a spin


Serious harms from deep brain stimulation completely ignored in PR release


Can an Alzheimer’s drug help you quit smoking? Penn PR release nicely frames very early research