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CVS release on hospital vs home infusion provides useful info on cost-savings. Outcomes and quality of life – not so much

2 3/30/2016

University can’t produce vision study that it promotes worldwide in news release


Exemplary explanation of study comparing diabetic macular edema treatments

2 2/2/2016

In-depth Merck release on new Hep C drug skirts some of the basics


Reducing drug dose recommended to lower cost of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, but no cost figures are cited

1 6/11/2015

Brain MRIs as a tool to prevent Alzheimer’s? Too much hype, and too little evidence, from a radiology society news release


Proton therapy for esophageal cancer: very little information to support a news release’s claims of benefit


European Society of Cardiology back on our News Release Wall of Shame