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Very little news in this news release on device approved for aneurysm treatment

1 12/6/2018

Mayo Clinic news release on cancer-related blood clots lives in data-free zone


Sure, tech can induce sense of smell in healthy people, but where’s the benefit?


Hospital misleads with claim that surgical technique ‘reduces strokes’; main study outcome was not statistically significant


More unwarranted hype over the unique benefits of proton therapy, this time in combo with thermal therapy


Pilot study on cerebral palsy blood test heralded as ‘breakthrough’ and ‘game changer’


Another hospital issues evidence-free marketing claims about proton beam therapy


Recap claims ‘clinical validity’ from phase 1 diabetes trial. Isn’t that what phase 2 and 3 trials are for?


Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) declared ‘better’ than drug therapy; readers worse off


Hospital says its ‘good bacteria’ cream treats eczema. Where’s the data?