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Can bone density scans help assess cardiovascular risk? More details needed in news release


Announcement on phase 1 leprosy vaccine trial suffers from hyperbole, lack of evidence


‘Magical’ with ‘superpowers’? This drug to fight antibiotic-resistant infection hasn’t been tested in animals or humans yet.


Fred Hutch oversells benefit of new fast-tracked drug for rare skin cancer

2 6/21/2016

It’s never OK to use ‘holy grail of breast cancer prevention’ when talking about pre-clinical animal study


Overly enthusiastic PR release claims breast cancer prevention is “within reach” based on animal, cell culture studies


News release makes claims about ketamine for depression based on thin evidence


Nutritional drink to protect memory in ‘early Alzheimer’s’? Release takes us for a spin

1 1/29/2016

Recycled PR release doesn’t tell us anything new about garlic


Possible new Parkinson’s drug — Novel: Yes. “Breakthrough”: No.