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Here’s a prime example of how Big Pharma issues misleading news releases to journalists


Janssen’s claim that Xarelto benefits frail patients better than warfarin built on frail research


Recap promises ‘results’ of dry eye drug study but doesn’t deliver

1 5/9/2018

Janssen highlights insignificant findings along with modest results in esketamine nasal spray trials

1 4/16/2018

Not a lick of evidence is given to back claim that panic attack therapy is highly successful


In a nutshell: small brief study measuring the impact of pecan supplementation can’t tell us much

1 3/12/2018

Is it fair to call jet lag a ‘disorder’ requiring a pill if it goes away on its own?


Small studies belie Boston Scientific’s claims about safety and effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation


Having a double chin isn’t a disease. But Allergan summary of treatment for it disease mongers anyway


Kerastem gives thin summary of phase 2 hair growth procedure results