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4 9/26/2018

BMJ’s attempt to hook readers on benefits of golf slices way out of bounds


Observational study on testosterone replacement therapy for COPD doesn’t prove cause and effect


Modest improvement after major treatment touted as ‘reduced risk of dying’ in women with low-threat DCIS


New technique for breast reconstruction in older women sounds promising but questions remain


Summary of study on migraine surgery: ‘dramatic’ results but what about the alternatives?


Time to retire the Pap test? Strong study recap explores the trade-offs


Opioids and non-opioid analgesics may work equally in the ER, but questions remain


Study of 20 men too small to claim ‘long-term improvement’ after rotary cuff repair


With a growing number of trials exploring intermittent fasting in people it’s not clear what this mice study brings to the table


Journal gives balanced look at comparative harms from analgesics given to children after surgery