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Categories: medical devices


Small studies belie Boston Scientific’s claims about safety and effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation

1 11/13/2017

‘Breakthrough’ for enlarged prostates? Northwestern’s aggressive PR pitch lacks data and context


Bodycad claims untested 3D printed knee replacements offer ‘improved clinical outcomes’


New device for removing birthmarks, port-wine stains, tattoos? Release is selling a pig in a poke


Release on central sleep apnea treatment commendable on quantifying data, disclosures


Association exploits Zika fears with sketchy release about mosquito-repelling device


Candy-coated PR claim: A special lollipop that purportedly relieves 90% of kids’ earaches


FDA skims over benefits and costs of cooling cap it approved for reducing hair loss during chemo

3 10/28/2015

Strong with statistics, release on sacroiliac joint pain treatment downplays study bias


Did they “get it all”? News release describes device that might give real-time answer to cancer surgeons