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Categories: Observational studies

1 9/28/2018

Observational study can’t prove surgery better than more conservative prostate cancer treatment


Eat more fish for higher IQ? Announcement skips limitations of an observational study


Release on pet-friendly association study is all cute bark with not much bite


Caffeine and dementia risk: news release ignores limitations of observational research


We’ll say it again, this time in French: La corrélation n’implique pas la causalité


Beta-blockers “prolong survival” in ovarian cancer? Not so fast


“Low T” and your ticker: generally solid VA release lacked drive on limitations


One-sided JAMA news release oversells benefits of breastfeeding for leukemia prevention


European Society of Cardiology back on our News Release Wall of Shame


Will biking to work help you “shed the pounds”? BMJ news release nails the big picture but offers nothing more