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Tags: depression

1 5/9/2018

Janssen highlights insignificant findings along with modest results in esketamine nasal spray trials


Ketamine for depression? 16-person study, described as ‘promising,’ should have been treated more carefully

5 7/3/2017

Does magnesium treat depression as well as SSRIs? Despite claims, there’s no evidence


Small unpublished study touted by Mount Sinai as evidence software ‘significantly’ reduces major depression


Data-mining expedition reports striking ketamine gold, but readers shouldn’t rush to judgment


An app that delivers depression care “as fast as finding good sushi”? Northwestern should know better


Release on psilocybin for treating depression in cancer patients strong on financial disclosures and cautions


PR release on anti-inflammatory drugs and depression was cautious, but needed more on evidence from study


Best antidepressant for overweight people? Release makes partial case


Choir singing for cancer patients? PR news release misses the high notes