Tags: FDA

1 2/22/2018

Potential harms and source of evidence missing in FDA summary of new blood test for concussion


Key detail missing in FDA approval of new acute myeloid leukemia drug: How much longer do people live?


FDA could do a better job sharing numbers on costly new eczema drug


FDA omits numbers on drug to reduce night-time visits to the bathroom; placebo was nearly as good

2 1/31/2017

How big is symptom improvement with new constipation drug? Readers might have to strain to find out


FDA release on Intrarosa approval omits important conflict of interest


FDA release offers inadequate presentation of auto-inflammatory drug approval


FDA release on hepatitis C drug informs on harms, benefits but is light on evidence

1 5/24/2016

FDA PR release on bladder cancer drug skirts lack of long-term survival data

1 5/10/2016

FDA release on drug for treating Parkinson’s psychosis lacks some key details