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These podcasts are driven by our passion for improving the public dialogue about health care. You’ll hear from leading physicians, researchers, and journalists. But you’ll also hear patient stories, some of them talking about how they were harmed by misleading media messages.
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Podcast: The polluted stream of health care information

As health care information flows from its source to the general public there are several opportunities for contamination. Who is doing this? And how?

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Podcast: The problematic promise of a ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s disease

The Alzheimer’s Association has fundraising commercials promising breakthroughs and cures for a disease in which the cause is unknown and a treatment hasn’t been found. Is this irresponsible? Unethical? Potentially harmful?

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Podcast: Emergency docs highlight toxic health care myths

Veteran emergency physicians Greg Henry, MD, and Jerome Hoffman, MD, discuss how misleading media messages feed health care myths that can lead to patient harms.

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Podcast: The clear and present danger of too much health care

Do we have too much health care that’s supported by too little evidence? Ray Moynihan, PhD, thinks so. In this podcast, the erudite and personable Australian journalist-turned-researcher helps us make sense of the complex intersection of overdiagnosis, evidence-based medicine, and conflicts of interest.

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3 6/29/2018

Podcast: The language of cancer

The language of cancer has become part of our vernacular.
It not only reveals our values and beliefs, but also has considerable impact — ranging from the power to inform and inspire, to the potential to misinform and cause harm.

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2 5/31/2018

Podcast: The new & (un)improved doctor-patient relationship

The doctor-patient relationship is a key determinant of the quality of our health care. But this relationship is changing quickly, and may actually be endangered. What does that mean for patients and providers? And what can we do about it?

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1 4/27/2018

Podcast: Gut Punch – Marketing Microbiome Hype

Our microbiome. We’re told it may hold the key to better understanding and treating a host of diseases. But the supporting research isn’t even close to that point. Nonetheless, the media continues to hype the microbiome and that has consequences.

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Podcast: Doctors who blog

This podcast is about physicians who blog …

Why they do it, what they’ve taken away from the experience, and what they see as the role blogging plays in the medical information landscape.

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Podcast: Timothy Caulfield – fighting Goop and cheating death

Timothy Caulfield, the author of “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” shares his thoughts on the battle of science vs. hype, public trust in science, the importance of social media in health care journalism, the art of communicating health care information, and — of course — the role of celebrity in pseudoscience.

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Podcast: The promise of precision medicine

In the past half year the FDA approved the first three gene therapies for use in the US.

This comes less than 18 years after the announcement that the human genome had been fully sequenced. It was a milestone wrapped in a promise; a promise that became known as “precision medicine.” But has that promise become reality?

In this podcast we turn to five leaders in their respective fields who’ve been intimately involved with this emerging technology. We ask them them to not only contrast what precision medicine is and may become, but also to help us clarify what holds promise and what’s just hype.

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