Podcast: ChemoBrainFog blogger criticizes celebrity breast cancer news


AnneMarie Ciccarella

Once AnneMarie Ciccarella gets going, there’s no stopping her. You may get a rant, and you may get more than you bargained for.

But you’ll definitely get a smart patient’s perspective about what’s wrong with a lot of media messages about breast cancer – especially messages from some celebrities about their breast cancer experiences. On Twitter, where she Tweets as @chemobrainfog, she describes herself as “Fierce advocate, activist, blogger.

Passionate about research, evidence based care, empowering others to self advocate.”


On the podcast, we talk about how celebrity stories about breast cancer can be harmful.

One of her recent Twitter messages was: “I need the data and the science, not the sound bites. This has been going on for too many years.”

We could have talked with her about many things in the following podcast, but we focused on one of her pet peeves – celebrities’ stories about their own breast cancer experiences – which she thinks are often misleading and harmful.

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Links to things discussed in the podcast:

Thanks to John Novack of Inspire.com for connecting me with AnneMarie – although she and I have followed each other on Twitter for years.

Thanks to The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation for providing us with a grant to produce these podcasts.

Credit: podcast editor Cristeta Boarini

Music used in this episode: Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle with You

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