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Podcast: John Ioannidis – “scourge of sloppy science”

IoannidisThe BMJ called him “the scourge of sloppy science.”

Asked to summarize his personality in 3 words, he used: “Uncompromising…gentle…maniac.”

He’s Dr. John Ioannidis. He’s made a career out of doing science about science. Doing good science about bad science, about flawed science, about irreproducible science, about science that lacks transparency – to other scientists and certainly to the general public.

He now co-directs METRICS – or Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford – which held its first conference two weeks ago. I was honored to be invited to speak at the conference. The Stanford project – and – both receive funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Here is our podcast interview with Ioannidis, recorded during a short break at the conference. Ioannidis’ work carries important messages for journalists and for the general public about what they need to know about so many of the studies they hear about.

Just a few Ioannidis journal articles:

Journalism about Ioannidis:

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