Podcast: The promise of precision medicine

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Michael Joyce is a writer-producer with HealthNewsReview.org and tweets as @mlmjoyce

precision medicineIn the past half year the FDA has approved the first three gene therapies for use in the US.

This comes less than 18 years after the announcement that the human genome had been fully sequenced. It was a milestone wrapped in a promise; a promise that became known as “precision medicine.” But has that promise become reality?

In this podcast we turn to five leaders in their respective fields who’ve been intimately involved with this emerging technology. We ask them them to not only contrast what precision medicine is and may become, but also to help us clarify what holds promise and what’s just hype.

I mentioned the voices you heard in this podcast come from leaders in their respective fields. Taken together they represent a deeply informed and rich perspective on the state of precision medicine at the very beginning of 2018.

In order of their appearance in the podcast they are:

Eric Topol, MD • Scripps Research Institute

Mike Joyner, MD • Mayo Clinic

  • Anyone interested in the genetics and physiology of distance running might enjoy watching this YouTube video
  • Joyner is also a frequent contributor at HealthNewsReview.org. Here’s a sampling of his writing


Tim Caulfield, LL.B., LL.M. • University of Alberta

Richard Harris • National Public Radio

Tania Bubela, JD, PhD • Simon Fraser University

  • Bubela is one of the co-leaders at Paceomics, a consortium of Canadian researchers dedicated to bringing meaningful precision medicine to the Canadian public
  • A listing of some of her publications can be found HERE

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