Podcast: Vinay Prasad, MD takes on moonshots, precision medicine, journalism & more

prasad-blogpostpageIt doesn’t take much to get Vinay Prasad, MD, started. Throw out a few ideas….

Cancer Moonshot.

Precision Medicine.

Over promotion of surrogate endpoints.

Over promotion of screening tests.

News coverage of medical journals.

Words like revolutionary…game-changer…miracle…breakthrough…home run.

….and you’re off to the races.

He’s only 33 but he has already earned respect as a hematologist-oncologist now at the Oregon Health and Sciences University with appointments in the Division of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and as a Senior Scholar in the Center for Health Care Ethics.

He and I have connected via social media for some time. (He Tweets as @VinayPrasad82.) We finally sat down for this podcast interview:

Links to items mentioned in the podcast:

Portland Tribune story, “Remedy for a sick industry.”

Why a Cancer Moonshot is Unlikely to Give us a Cure. Washington Post

On Precision and Genomic Medicine: Genetics-based medicine a matter of debate Bend Bulletin.

The FDA’s Use of Untested Surrogate Endpoints

Study raises questions FDA standards on new cancer drugs. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

We are spending 107 billion in cancer drugs, is it worth it? Washington Post

Why cancer screening has never been shown to “save lives” – It is Misleading to Say Cancer Screening Saves Lives. Newsweek.

Media Coverage of Medical Journals: Does the Media Select the best stories? Medical News: Evidence Not a Factor – Medpage Today.

Many other articles about his work.

Many of his journal articles.

Prasad’s personal website.

Thanks to The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation for providing us with a grant to produce these podcasts.

Credit: podcast editor Mitch Skinner

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