Podcast: The clear and present danger of too much health care

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Roy Moynihan

Ray Moynihan, PhD

The dangers of too much health care: It’s something we think the public needs to learn more about.

Ray Moynihan, PhD, a former investigative journalist turned health care researcher, agrees.

A good example is direct-to-consumer genetic testing. As we’ve written about, it’s been marketed for all sorts of ailments — from weight loss to breast cancer — and very often the resulting news coverage is short on skepticism and long on hype.

“There are huge dangers here of turning all of us into patients,” says Moynihan, “… [turning] all of us into a sort of walking collection of predispositions to disease.”

Moynihan is an internationally recognized voice when it comes to the intersection of overdiagnosis, evidence-based medicine, and conflicts of interest in health care.

His gift for communicating with passion and clarity on these topics, and other aspects of the medical-industrial complex, is on full display in this podcast.


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