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Podcast: Allen Frances, MD – A psychiatrist’s take on the DSM, Pharma, and Donald Trump

Is President Donald Trump mentally ill? Do we really need over 500 psychiatric diagnoses? What do the changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or ‘DSM’ for short) over the past 60+ years say about psychiatry? The influence of industry? Us? This conversation with renowned psychiatrist, Allen Frances MD — although just […]


Podcast: Health care costs – ‘a problem hiding in plain sight’

Why are health care costs kept so secret? And medical bills so hard to understand? When you buy a car, book a flight, or put things in your grocery cart, you not only know the price in advance, but you can also shop around for the best price. But for most health care services you […]


2nd anniversary of Health News Watchdog podcast

The Health News Watchdog podcast has been produced and published 33 times, with about 25,000 listens in just two years.  Are you kidding me? There’s no way I thought that would happen when I returned to the airwaves – after decades away – with my first podcast for this project in August of 2015. I […]


Stem cell hype: Join the conversation

Ten years ago this probably wouldn’t even have been a topic of conversation. If it had, it likely would have been about medical tourism. There would’ve been outrage directed at “third world” countries who allow unregulated and unproven stem cell “therapies” to be offered to desperate patients. Well, that concern is now closer to home. […]


PODCAST: The Wild West of stem cells

Stem cell clinics are booming. And hurting people. How can patients protect themselves in a marketplace where the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and state medical boards have been ineffectual? In this podcast you’ll hear from George Gibson (a patient left blind after a dubious stem cell intervention), Leigh Turner PhD […]

4 7/17/2017

Podcast: Newly-revised List of Industry-Independent Experts for Journalists

If anyone ever says that he or she can’t find an industry-independent expert for a news story or for an FDA committee, they just haven’t looked hard enough. For 9 years, we have hosted what is, to the best of our knowledge, a one-of-a-kind list of health care industry-independent experts. Now that list has been […]


PODCAST: DCIS … searching for clarity

What is DCIS, or ductal carcinoma in situ? Is it an incidental abnormality that only became recognized as screening mammography became more widespread and sophisticated? Or, is it a pre-cancer that gives doctors a head start in treating breast cancer before it spreads? These are questions that nearly 60-thousand women are faced with each year […]


PODCAST: Memoirs of a female surgeon

Only 7 percent of orthopedic surgeons in the United States are women. Dr. Julie Switzer is one of them. In this podcast we touch on gender, but we mostly address two other topics. First, is Switzer’s passion for caring for the elderly who sustain fractures. Second, the emerging sports focus in how orthopedics is covered […]


PODCAST: Why would a 23-year-old graduate student choose to live in a nursing home?

About 6 percent of older Americans live in nursing homes. However, nearly half of us over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home at some point in our life. News stories about nursing homes and the elderly most commonly address themes such as abuse and neglect, delivery of medical care, […]

2 4/20/2017

PODCAST: Wellness programs – do they work?

Wellness programs in the United States are an $8 billion industry. Over 50 million Americans are enrolled in such programs. They are as variable in size and quality as the companies and organizations that offer them. In this podcast you’ll hear 3 voices: A skeptic who thinks the vast majority of these programs don’t work and may […]


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