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Thoughtful and thorough, AP story looks at growing trend of using ketamine for depression


AP offers strong reporting about the evidence for a drug treatment for moderate bone loss


Multigene test may find risk for common diseases, but there’s no evidence it will make anyone healthier


Diagnosing Alzheimer’s using biomarkers–AP makes it clear that there is no benefit to patients


AP story on ‘selfie medicine’ adherence programs overlooked evidence showing they don’t work well


AP’s widely-reported story on IV fluids oversimplified the research


‘It’s unknown whether treatment increases survival,’ AP wisely notes about new breast cancer drug

1 11/28/2017

Patient anecdote outweighs data in AP’s look at lymph node transfer surgery

5 10/25/2017

Brief but informative report from AP on newly approved shingles vaccine


AP makes it clear that gene therapy has uncertain future for treating ALD