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AP’s write-up on a new continuous blood sugar monitor–where’s the proof that it works?


AP’s story on cancer immunotherapy quickly mentions low success rate


Anecdotes dominate AP’s story on EMTs using nitrous oxide for pain relief


AP story says new drug ‘cures’ hepatitis C, but that’s no guarantee patients will be spared cirrhosis or liver cancer


It’s still a conflict of interest when a source ‘wasn’t part of the research’ but is a consultant for the drug company


AP story on trans fats ban: Strong on sourcing, but left out key detail about study findings


Lack of independent sources hinders AP story on new drug that treats side effect caused by antipsychotics

1 3/16/2017

AP’s evidence-free story on ‘baby box’ giveaway suggests company had an inventive marketing success


AP doesn’t sugar coat harms of CAR-T therapy for lymphoma


A ‘microbiome’ skin lotion tested on 5 people gets little scrutiny by AP