Categories: Cardiovascular disease

7 9/26/2018

STAT’s cheerleading coverage of prescription fish oil capsule lacks crucial context


Reuters Health lays out pros and cons of high resolution screening for heart patients; skimps on study limitations


Medical Daily story on Mediterranean diet study mostly echoes news release


NBC story built around one patient’s amazing stroke recovery; skimps on data suggesting result is unusual

5 4/14/2016

Solid effort by NBC on saturated fat study, though story lacked hard numbers on findings


Newer blood pressure meds “as good as old ones” — but at doing what exactly?


A gloss over costs in coverage of competing blood pressure meds — but also some strengths


“Wine can help” those with type 2 diabetes, says LA Times, but benefits aren’t quantified (and are actually quite small)

3 10/8/2015

Optimal balance of competing views on value of CT heart scans


Texting your way to heart health? NPR thoroughly examines the evidence