Categories: Devices

1 2/21/2018

CNN wrongly reports that a new blood test can “help detect concussion”


NPR falls into the anecdotal trap with story on robotic arm for paralyzed man


Surgery instead of reading glasses? NBC’s look at new implant leaned hard on one patient anecdote


Fitbit and fertility: Not enough caution or context on 5-woman study


Fox News story on air quality device reads like sponsored content


Vaginal ring for HIV prevention: a few details would have elevated good coverage to great


Independent voices boost coverage of potential opioid addiction treatment

1 12/2/2015

A device to help people with panic attacks breathe easier? Inquirer gives readers the low-down

2 11/23/2015

Should light therapy be recommended for depression in general — not just in winter?

2 10/29/2015

Thorough look at underuse of long-term reversible contraceptives