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Categories: heart disease

2 8/4/2016

Fish oil after a heart attack: TIME misses the mark by leaving out harms, study limitations

1 7/12/2016

‘This is a game changer:’ Reuters story on new dissolvable stent borders on giddy


AP takes pains to point out lack of long-term data for new dissolvable stent


Texting to ‘prevent heart attacks:’ WSJ overstates scope of study

5 4/14/2016

Solid effort by NBC on saturated fat study, though story lacked hard numbers on findings


US News “Best Diets” release rehashed as HealthDay story


Get paid to take your pills? Strong Inquirer report covers all the ins and outs


Costs and risks spelled out clearly in NBC report on statins


Comprehensive coverage of two new statin studies

1 7/10/2015

Business story on Entresto, newly approved heart failure drug, capably covers most of the health implications