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Categories: limits of observational studies


HealthDay’s rehashed news release overstates dementia benefits of blood thinners


“Good for you” or not? Mixed messages in LA Times coverage of coffee studies


CBS barely dodges observational study trap with hot chili pepper story

1 1/19/2017

‘Coffee might slow down aging?’ That’s a stretch


Can exercise ‘undo’ sedentary harms? AP story makes observational data sound definitive


News release and HealthDay create perfect storm of misinformation on statins and cancer


Could coffee “literally be a lifesaver”?

4 11/20/2015

Will drinking coffee extend your life? STAT delivers a 5-star answer


“Surprising news” about teens & marijuana “all good” – really?


Incomplete, fear-mongering message from NBC’s “diet may kill prostate cancer survivors”