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Categories: NBC News

2 9/5/2018

In story about ‘latest generation’ of weight loss drugs, NBC overlooks doctors’ pharma ties


Atypical patient anecdote throws off well-reported NBC News story on experimental brain cancer treatment


Drug’s ability to lower frequency of migraines by 50 percent sounds pretty good–until you read the fine print


High-tech buzzwords and scary patient anecdote dominate NBC’s story on ‘new approach’ for aortic aneurysms


Outside experts help round out NBC’s report on minimally invasive back pain procedure


Preliminary Alzheimer’s study involving plasma infusions–was this really newsworthy?


NBC News doesn’t back away from shortcomings of new blood test for early cancer detection


NBC News says gene test ‘may help treat depression,’ but doesn’t back up claim


NBC News claims new imaging technique ‘may predict heart attacks,’ but where’s the data?


Small, unpublished study on new knee pain procedure needed more scrutiny from NBC News