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New York Times warns readers that new flu drug ‘is no miracle cure’


NY Times hails MitraClip a ‘huge advance’ for heart failure, but independent sources might have said otherwise

1 5/4/2018

Thank you, New York Times, for asking ‘Who is behind these studies? Where does the money come from?’

1 4/11/2018

By downplaying risks, NY Times column gives lopsided take on new shingles vaccine


Though it may reduce impact of a stroke, blood clot removal surgery is not without risks


NYT dives deep into potential impact of stent study, but needed more specifics on what was measured


New York Times is upfront about risk of ‘absolutely crazy’ prices for gene therapy treatment


Solid report from NYT on peanut product that claims to reduce allergy risk


NY Times touts ‘compelling’ results for unproven hair loss product


Potential cancer-detecting breath test gets breathless write-up in New York Times