Categories: Reuters Health

1 11/2/2017

‘Dramatic benefit’ of surgery in kids with epilepsy–potential harms clearly outlined


Reuters Health deftly reports new data on hormone therapy for menopause


Except for needing more sources, Reuters Health story on Graves’ disease is well-reported


‘That finding could be due to chance:’ Reuters Health uses caution to explain study on trans fats ban


Reuters Health lays out pros and cons of high resolution screening for heart patients; skimps on study limitations


Reuters Health carefully hedges results of study on mild shocks for migraines

1 2/1/2017

Reuters Health provides balanced look at alternative remedies for premature ejaculation


Reuters Health succinctly and accurately summarizes study looking at bystander CPR and survivor rates

2 12/23/2016

Reuters rehashes news release in story on deep-sea laser treatment for prostate cancer


Reuters Health briefly but aptly reports survey findings of partner-assisted skin exams for melanoma survivors