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Categories: Screening


Thoughtful and thorough coverage on prenatal tests’ ability to find cancer in mothers


Prenatal testing finds mother’s cancer — but CBS lost an opportunity to explain research’s broader relevance

1 7/8/2015

Strong report questions effectiveness of breast cancer screening — but needed a discussion of study limitations


Report on “immersive” colonoscopy features lots of flash, but few evidence-supported facts


Waiting too long to challenge claims of “perfect accuracy” in a pancreatic cancer test


Harms, limitations missing from news release-based coverage of pancreatic cancer test

5 6/26/2015

Enthusiasm for “100% accurate” pancreatic cancer test does not reflect limited evidence quality


Not enough women getting bone scans for osteoporosis? Incomplete story fails to dig deeper than the news release


Predicting Alzheimer’s: What two new studies add and how the Times covered them

2 5/21/2015

Post coverage of new lung cancer test misses on caveats, costs, and harms