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U.S. News churns out puff piece on medical marijuana app research


U.S. News & World Report regurgitates news release on cannabidiol and psychosis


Exercise and mild cognitive impairment: How solid is the evidence? U.S. News doesn’t say


Little evidence to support assertion in U.S. News story that ADHD drugs can help smokers quit


U.S. News & World Report story on COPD and vitamin A left us wondering ‘what’s the news?’


U.S. News compares accuracy of colon cancer screening tests, but what about costs?


U.S. News takes careful look at emailed help for smoking cessation


Though light on data, U.S. News & World Report story looks at lack of evidence for arthroscopic knee surgery


Informative journalism or promotional puff piece? U.S News & World Report story blurs the line

1 1/10/2017

Medical evidence for lumbar support runs counter to claims made in U.S. News & World Report story