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Categories: Wall Street Journal

2 8/29/2018

WSJ reporter claims a carotid artery scan ‘saved’ his life — but there’s no way to know that


WSJ offers caution early and often in coverage of latest experimental Alzheimer’s drug


Gene test for depression treatment: Realistic patient story helps keep WSJ article grounded

2 4/4/2018

Prostate cancer gene test: WSJ skirts around lack of long-term data


Stem cells for knee problems: WSJ doesn’t explore costs, harms, alternatives


Antibiotics could ‘dramatically reduce’ STIs, STAT says, though findings apply to small group of men


WSJ’s look at stent study: Solid reporting, with room for more detail on costs and risks


Plenty of context, but evidence was AWOL in WSJ story on uterine fibroid treatment


WSJ wisely reports on Ebola vaccines: ‘It is unknown…what antibody levels are needed to protect patients’


WSJ’s look at digital therapy covers a lot of ground–except potential downsides