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2 9/19/2018

One woman’s account of spinal cord stimulator skips realities of medical device safety in U.S.


FDA approves new marijuana-derived drug, but was the evidence solid? Washington Post doesn’t say


Immunotherapy prolongs survival, but at what cost? Washington Post needed more on treatment downsides


Washington Post story on hyperbaric therapy for head injuries notes uncertain benefit–but not potential harms


Gene therapy and hemophilia: Washington Post wisely tells readers ‘the study has some limitations’


‘Regular painkillers work as well as opioids for fractures,’ but is this new information?


Washington Post wisely quantifies severe side effects and deaths from CAR-T cell therapy


Washington Post’s otherwise well-reported story on ecstasy for PTSD skirts evidence discussion


Washington Post wisely notes that CAR T-cell therapy may cost at least $300,000


Washington Post deftly examines lack of evidence for a fuzzy area of psychiatry: animal therapy