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Independent source injects caution into a HeathDay story on ‘nerve zap’ for back pain


HealthDay touts nerve device as ‘more effective,’ but data is from unpublished study with no control group

2 9/19/2018

One woman’s account of spinal cord stimulator skips realities of medical device safety in U.S.

4 4/19/2018

Can ‘thinking differently’ help sooth chronic back pain? Hard to tell from HealthDay’s fuzzy reporting


Outside experts help round out NBC’s report on minimally invasive back pain procedure


CBS News says ‘yoga as good as physical therapy’–OK, but what does ‘good’ mean?

1 1/10/2017

Medical evidence for lumbar support runs counter to claims made in U.S. News & World Report story

1 3/25/2016

WaPo leans hard on news release for story on meditation and back pain