Tags: breast cancer

1 3/8/2018

USA Today rehashes PR talking points in story on at-home breast cancer gene test


‘It’s unknown whether treatment increases survival,’ AP wisely notes about new breast cancer drug

1 11/28/2017

Patient anecdote outweighs data in AP’s look at lymph node transfer surgery

1 10/16/2017

HealthDay rehashes news release in uncritical look at breast cancer screening


Bloomberg offers up balanced recap of new breast cancer therapy


‘Baby aspirin may reduce risk of breast cancer,’ says Washington Post, omitting some major limitations of the study

2 9/23/2016

New radiation guidelines for breast cancer: There’s ‘enough’ evidence, HealthDay story states, skirting specifics


Breast density and mammograms: LA Times story leans hard on news release

2 6/9/2016

Well done: STAT story on extended use of aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer

1 6/2/2016

Research on statins for breast cancer: The Guardian mischaracterizes results as possible ‘valuable’ treatment