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Gene therapy and hemophilia: Washington Post wisely tells readers ‘the study has some limitations’

1 10/21/2016

Are expensive, potent anti-inflammatory drugs a future option for depression? CNN’s story needed more scrutiny of evidence


False balance in CNN coverage of female sexual dysfunction: anecdotes given equal weight as systematic evidence review


Interesting but evidence-free story on ibuprofen skin patch


A gloss over costs in coverage of competing blood pressure meds — but also some strengths

1 11/13/2015

WSJ whiffs on meaningful aspects of new melanoma drug approval — including $17,600/month price tag

2 10/29/2015

Thorough look at underuse of long-term reversible contraceptives

1 9/28/2015

With just 226 words, NYT can’t deliver needed context on Alzheimer’s agitation study


Story on new melanoma drug combo neglects to mention $250,000 price tag