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HealthDay touts nerve device as ‘more effective,’ but data is from unpublished study with no control group

2 9/19/2018

One woman’s account of spinal cord stimulator skips realities of medical device safety in U.S.


Without an independent source, BuzzFeed’s story on a medical device for OCD doesn’t offer much beyond the news release


Boston Globe overlooks evidence showing many patients not helped by ‘bionic’ joint replacements


An Alzheimer’s study that included just 3 people: Does that warrant consumer news coverage?


Doctor with industry ties call sleep apnea device ‘revolutionary’ and ‘a game changer’ in CBS News story


High-tech buzzwords and scary patient anecdote dominate NBC’s story on ‘new approach’ for aortic aneurysms


AP story on skin patch sweat monitor may make readers wonder: News or marketing?


Kudos to WSJ for giving thorough look at ‘Heimlich alternative’ devices for choking victims

1 5/26/2016

WSJ’s look at apps and wearables for ‘text neck’ takes a measured approach