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Stem cell brain implants–what could go wrong? Guardian doesn’t say


Newsweek speculates about an ‘obesity cure,’ and doesn’t disclose important conflict of interest


Marijuana and memory: Newsweek writes about mouse research–but is at least upfront about it


NBC calls rodent retina research ‘game changer’ for vision loss in people


Invasive weed kills superbugs? All we know is it might work in mice


Guardian’s story on strobe lights: Mouse research on Alzheimer’s again finds its way to mainstream audience


Here we go again: TIME writes about preliminary mouse research


‘Alzheimer’s disease can be fully cured:’ Medical Daily story is a forehead-slapper


WaPo story generalizes findings of small study on mice to pregnant women

2 3/11/2016

CNN story on fasting diet study veers into clickbait territory