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2 8/29/2018

WSJ reporter claims a carotid artery scan ‘saved’ his life — but there’s no way to know that


In comparison of clot-busting drugs, HealthDay gets props for being clear on costs and harms


Though it may reduce impact of a stroke, blood clot removal surgery is not without risks


ABC story on stroke surgery: More needed on costs, harms, conflicts of interest


It’s never OK to use ‘groundbreaking treatment for strokes’ when it’s never been tested in people


Medical Daily story on stem cells for stroke needed injection of independent viewpoints


NBC story built around one patient’s amazing stroke recovery; skimps on data suggesting result is unusual


Aspirin report from CBS doesn’t go much beyond the news release


An array of sources make this STAT story on aspirin task force recommendations very strong


Philadelphia Inquirer highlights FDA “loophole” allowing use of heart device without testing