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2 9/5/2018

In story about ‘latest generation’ of weight loss drugs, NBC overlooks doctors’ pharma ties


Newsweek’s story on the 16:8 diet: It’s not much more than a news release rewrite, but it’s at least cautious


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2 1/11/2018

NPR’s story on weight loss surgery in teens: Cost info would have improved a well-reported story


When weight loss is the intervention, it’s still important to talk about costs and harms


Is one study of 51 men enough to declare the ‘two-week diet’ is better for dropping pounds?

4 8/8/2017

Managing ‘mummy tummy:’ More study details would’ve tightened informative NPR piece

2 2/14/2017

‘The most effective intervention we have:’ NY Times glosses over risks of bariatric surgery


Gastric balloon for weight loss: HealthDay avoids hot air by balancing PR spin with skepticism from independent sources


Higher BMI is healthier? NPR story makes well-documented ‘obesity paradox’ sound new