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Tag: Alzheimer’s disease


Headline vs. study: Predicting, preventing and other clickbait


Podcast: The top 10 quotes of 2018

2 11/13/2018

‘Historic breakthrough Alzheimer patients around the globe have been awaiting’


What you need to know about yet another study on Alzheimer’s and exercise


Shameless Alzheimer’s sales pitch masquerades as solid science


Podcast: The problematic promise of a ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s disease

3 8/27/2018

How the ‘optimism’ narrative in Alzheimer’s helps the drug industry and harms patients

1 7/27/2018

Many questions linger about this possible Alzheimer’s treatment. So why the avalanche of news coverage?


Motherhood affects Alzheimer’s risk? Here’s what you need to know


‘$7.9 trillion’ savings from earlier Alzheimer’s diagnosis: Is there a hidden agenda behind the numbers?