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Tag: Alzheimer’s disease


How to report on preliminary Alzheimer’s research results


Five Star Friday: Vox, WSJ, NPR, USA Today, NY Times earn kudos

10 3/8/2016

Investigation of Alzheimer’s Association in-fighting didn’t address the role of corporate sponsorships

13 2/24/2016

TIME’s short memory on Alzheimer’s drug failures

6 1/6/2016

Can $2 billion a year cure Alzheimer’s?


Where does the hype come from? A news release/news story comparison

1 9/9/2015

Yo-yo stories on optimum weight and Alzheimer’s risk — inappropriate language keeps readers’ heads spinning


Taking stock of new Alzheimer’s drug coverage: A “landmark breakthrough” that offers no “clinically apparent benefit”


Friday gems – in case you missed them

1 3/25/2015

CBS: slow down the Alzheimer’s drug trial hype – 2 examples in 1 week.