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1 1/31/2018

Is the NFL using the CDC to ‘manufacture doubt’ on head injuries?

3 12/13/2017

Of mice and “man flu”

2 7/26/2017

A tale of two (BMJ) studies: one gets attention, the other gets neglected. Why?

1 2/17/2017

Vitamin D prevents colds? News stories turn blind eye to limitations of sunshine vitamin study

4 11/17/2016

The secret reasons why statins may not be as useful as we think

5 6/28/2016

Could “negative” news coverage of statins lead to thousands of heart attacks and strokes?

23 5/5/2016

Superficial coverage of medical errors could leave erroneous impression with readers

12 9/22/2015

More BMJ overstatement about an observational study — this time it’s antidepressants and violent crime

1 8/5/2015

Troubled BMJ news release on young fathers & early death risk


Continued problems with inconsistent & adjacent news releases from BMJ