Tag: CBS News

16 5/13/2016

CBS proclaims ‘cancer breakthrough’ – doesn’t explain what FDA means by that term

3 5/22/2015

Following the health news stream from publication to news release to media coverage


CBS uses shameless clickbait with “Too Much of This Will Kill You”

1 3/25/2015

CBS: slow down the Alzheimer’s drug trial hype – 2 examples in 1 week.

12 2/20/2015

CBS promotes “essential/critical” screening tests but never mentions over-diagnosis


“Cure, breakthrough, hope” used to describe tiny, short-term hair growing experiment


Ethics problem: physician-journalists interview colleagues without disclosing conflict

2 3/19/2013

Maybe we should stop anchor chit-chat after TV health news stories: new example in mammography story


Critical journalists try to deliver the skinny on “overweight people live longer” stories


Journalistic arrhythmia – hearts aflutter over small stem cell study