Tag: health news hype

1 12/20/2016

News releases exaggerate the results of scientific research — a new study shows why this should stop

1 12/19/2016

Searching for the source of stem cell “fountain of youth” stories


New hope in the epidemic of binge-drinking rodents: Aussie lab sparks premature claims on old drugs as addiction treatments

6 3/7/2016

FOX, Banner MD Anderson hype Cuba cancer “breakthrough”


Dump the diabetes cure talk – after a dozen patients in an early-stage trial

4 10/29/2015

Journalists love superlative terms for cancer drugs – often questionably


Competition between “cure” and “breakthrough” on MS story — in mice


Journalists jump at chance to say “fart” in a story; botch what study & news release said

2 12/13/2013

First the hype, now the science – platelet-rich plasma therapy in orthopedics


CNN calls camel milk a “cure…world’s next superfood”