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2 10/15/2018

The tsunami of not-ready-for-primetime health care news

5 4/5/2018

HealthDay digs to new lows in shovelware


HealthDay’s rehashed PR is hurting news consumers and journalism


A new osteoporosis drug that’s “better” than an existing option? How this misleading message reached consumers and how it could have been avoided


5-Star Friday: Smarter PSA testing, science’s Lake Wobegon effect, lifesaving coffee, and more

2 12/17/2015

Some news from major breast cancer meeting needed more context

3 9/14/2015

Low pulse = higher crime rate? Cause-and-effect confusion in heart rate/crime stories

4 8/19/2014

Hair loss treatment data in 3 people gets widespread (and often weak) news coverage