Tag: limits of observational studies

1 2/27/2015

MS joins the coffee club, in which association ≠ causation


Endometrial cancer joins the “coffee club” in which association ≠ causation


What was missing in many stories about sugary drinks & girls’ 1st periods


Squelching rage when reading “Twitter knows when you’re going to have a heart attack”

1 1/22/2015

Coffee & melanoma: add to annals of abused translation of observational research


Cleveland Clinic Tweets Misleading Claim That Lives On and On


Flawed news about skirt size-breast cancer observational study

4 9/3/2014

European Society of Cardiology added to News Release Wall of Shame

1 8/21/2014

Misleading PBS story: Study shows prostate cancer risk rises in male cyclists over 50


Yay for a BMJ journal news release for including caveats about an observational study!