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Wording on “Low vitamin D boosts Alzheimer’s/dementia risk” is wrong

3 7/29/2014

6th time I’ve called out BMJ news releases on observational studies

7 6/11/2014

BMJ news release on red meat & breast cancer may have misled reporters again

17 1/22/2014

Misleading BMJ news releases may be one reason journalists report on more observational studies

2 10/17/2013

Bacon bad for your sperm – news stories hit below belt again


The NY Times Well blog isn’t always so well


ICYMI: another association ? causation case with labor induction & autism risk


Scary coffee stories – add cream and two lumps of caveats

4 4/10/2013

Familiar pattern in stories of male pattern baldness & heart disease


“The risk that press reports would fall into the trap of reporting this study as definitive”