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5 7/24/2017

Mayo Clinic woos reporters with fellowship offer


Multiple health news ethical problems with Minneapolis TV station’s Mayo Clinic story

2 6/19/2017

New example of conflict of interest in Mayo Clinic sponsorship of Star Tribune newspaper section

4 6/13/2017

Conflicts of interest: Time for world’s top health journalism organization to reconsider fundraising practices. Part 2 of 3


The hospital-media partnership: promoting public health or inducing public demand?

2 9/18/2015

Another potentially troubling “partnership” between a news org & Mayo Clinic

10 6/18/2015

Questions about Mayo Clinic deal with Minneapolis TV station

2 3/23/2015

Sponsored journalist training on “precision medicine”: Zeroing in on a conflict of interest


Proton beam: should a news organization “partner” with providers to promote in the face of intense debate?

2 2/7/2014

New cholesterol guidelines present need for shared decision-making