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2 4/11/2018

Today Show segment on ‘nerve freezing’ for weight loss leaves us cold. Here’s why.


5-Star Friday! Not a cancer ‘cure,’ a menstrual pain ‘off switch,’ and therapy for ‘text neck’


Faulty medical devices stay on the market even after manufacturers know there are problems

10 10/27/2015

Why the media must play a bigger role in policing unsafe medical devices


Sunday summary of other noteworthy health care news

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud

4 8/19/2014

Hair loss treatment data in 3 people gets widespread (and often weak) news coverage

1 1/6/2014

NBC vastly exaggerates the potential benefits of lung cancer screening


NBC races the clock in a race to the bottom with anchormen & prostate cancer screening promotion


“Cure, breakthrough, hope” used to describe tiny, short-term hair growing experiment