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When reporting on sloppy science, NY Times ‘Well’ section should practice what it preaches

1 10/22/2018

Can coffee ‘tame the redness of rosacea’? Here’s what you need to know about the New York Times’ coverage

2 10/15/2018

The tsunami of not-ready-for-primetime health care news


Coronary calcium scans: NYT article highlights value and minimizes limitations

1 1/15/2018

NY Times ‘Well’ section continues to mislead readers — this time on facial exercises that ‘may make you look 3 years younger’


The NY Times ‘Well’ section is unwell


Walnuts for weight loss? Times makes huge leap based on brain scans of 9 people

14 6/6/2016

Conflicts of interest abound in NYT post on Transcendental Meditation


BMJ back on bad track with its news releases: now gout & Alzheimer’s

3 1/20/2015

“Potential biomarker that could predict”? – caveats about psychiatric brain imaging & blogging about it